1. Transfer Speed

  2. Suppose to save data to the device other than cloud server and also allow to chose image from gallery.then the app become excellent.

  3. Does not work... error 10013 when saving to OneNote, yes I have already reset OneNote

  4. Need to be able to modify the picture details and add notes that are separate from the file name.

  5. Creazione del nome fail personalizzabile..possibilta di scegliere il formato data ....

  6. Edit Contact Details while reviewing the corresponding portion of the picture taken

  7. Dear developers are advised to this program, I recommend this program can be used to take a picture or scan multiple documents be in one fol

  8. Privacy invasion

  9. This product is amazing. It would be even better if the image function could save V C F only and no photo to conserve time space and data

  10. I will not use your app again until you give me the option to not record the Geo location with every picture / file

  11. Automatic process OCR on the document and add meta data to the image

  12. Documents save to security made pin

  13. Capturing data tables

  14. Great automation of business cards data, need to improve when Onedrive is not syncing

  15. Data sync issue and not able to send from app, not merging multiple copies in one file

  16. Save data to sdcard

  17. Can’t save to school office or work office account for OneDrive.

  18. Be able to set business card as default mode

  19. We need to store the data to an external storage, please have a function to set in the setting.

  20. Contacts Database

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